Cyberspace and the community

What a week.

Thanks to cyberspace, my dear DC State Fair just garnered overwhelming community support on our Kickstarter campaign.

I also have the Internet to thank for both the topic and mode of publication for my latest story on Elevation DC, “Cyberspace connects DC with the businesses next door.

The 50th anniversary March on Washington that I plan to join on Saturday came together largely online. As I write this, buses and vans of participants are no doubt coming together all over the country through a frenzy of emails.

But OMG, there’s more! It was email that introduced me to a librarian at the Cleveland Park Public Library, where I will participate in the panel “What Does it Mean to Eat Locally?” later that afternoon. Though I’ve seen the email addresses of the other three panelists, so far I’ve only met one of them in person.

If I can squeeze it in between these events, I’ll stop by the DC State Fair Tastiest Tomato Contest. Electronic announcements, social media posts and a PDF flyer have been making the rounds, supported by printed copies of the announcement at community gardens.

Then did I mention the old-timey square dance that night? It’s up on Facebook, of course, and I RSVPed “Join.” If I can’t drag myself over physically, I’ll be there in cyberspirit.

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