About Rhea

Washington, D.C.-based writer Rhea Yablon Kennedy has more than 10 years of reporting and editing experience. She has covered sustainable food, higher education, Judaism, the deaf community, urban agriculture, and the occasional bizarre clothing trend.

Rhea’s writing, images, and video have appeared in The Washington Post, The Washington City Paper, Grist and The Jewish Daily Forward‘s Jew and the Carrot blog as well as Gallaudet University’s Gallaudet Today Magazine and On the Green.

As a full-time faculty member at Gallaudet, Rhea teaches courses on journalism, critical reading and writing, and storytelling in the digital age.


2 responses to “About Rhea

  1. Martha-Ann Orphanos Panagiotopoulos

    Hello Rhea,

    Enjoyed your Santorini article and perusing your site.

    An avid Grecofile, Hellenic American teacher and writer, I would appreciate your advice and info as to how to submit articles on travel to newspapers, create a blog and/or website. My areas of interest are travel in Greece with a July, 2014, Cyclades two couple bare boat sail (planning a photographic journal/article), Greek mythology, authentic Greek food history, Greek Orthodoxy, and general fostering Hellenic culture and values.

    Thank you and best wishes for your continued success,

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