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A Little Life Hack: WordPress Customer Service

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Earlier this month, a horrendous customer service call made headlines. Being the glass-half-full kind of gal that I am, I want to share a sunnier experience with people paid to listen to us whine.

It starts with a WordPress blog–just like the one you’re reading now. I’ve used WordPress for nearly eight years now, and currently own or contribute to half a dozen WP sites.

When I’ve bumped up against the occasional website snafu, I’ve always been able to pluck an answer from the help topics or the forums and fix the problem myself. Then I came up against email forwarding that mysteriously stopped. We’re talking about the service where you can take an address like and automatically forward it to (if you’re not doing this yet for your own website, look into it!* It’s free. And it works great. Except when it occasionally doesn’t). Continue reading

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An eco-fashion-conscious internship

My friend Sri just launched a line of Ayurvedic clothing and is looking for an intern to help catapult it into orbit. This could make a great feather in your resume. Interested? Know someone who might be? Grab the link to this post and share generously!

Here’s the announcement:

PR/Marketing/Communications Intern – to assist in developing and executing the PR/marketing strategy for a  revolutionary startup in  the health/wellness/eco-clothing space.

This is a short-term unpaid position for 2-3 months  with the potential for a paid longer–term engagement.

Looking for someone who:

–has a background in PR/Marketing/Communications

–is social media savvy (using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.)

–is passionate about health, environment, and is interested in the eco-fashion space

–is interested in Ayurveda (a plus)

–is highly organized

–has highly effective writing and communications skills

–thinks outside the box

Primary responsibilities:

1) Assist in developing and executing a highly effective PR strategy for getting coverage on leading mainstream publications like the Washington Post, NY Times etc as well as magazines, blogs and other publications in the yoga/natural health/Ayurveda/eco-fashion space

2) building and maintaining a large following in the social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs)

Serious interests only. Please contact sri(at) ASAP after visiting the information on the website at

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