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Sprout your own karpas

The Jewish sustainability organization Hazon put out a great post earlier this month. It’s called 10 Ways to Make Your Passover More Sustainable. I think my favorite is the idea of sprouting your own karpas, the leafy greens that hold a symbolic place at the seder table (#7). Using a “pascal yam” in place of a shank bone (#9) is a close second. Even though Passover is just about upon us (eliminating the option of #2: “Plan ahead,” by the time you read this), I couldn’t resist posting about it.

Check out the list, and feel free to leave a comment about making your Passover seder — or any dinner party — more positive for the environment, people, and the economy.

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Latke-Hamentasch Debate coming up

Four speakers. Two Jewish foods. One magical night.

D.C.-area Jews, foodies, and lovers of hilarious arguments, this one’s for you. Experience the Latke-Hamentasch Debate and nosh on “research materials” Wednesday, February 13 at 7 p.m. at Adas Israel (Cleveland Park Metro – Red Line). There will be ASL interpretation!

Click to enlarge the flier and read more.

22nd Annual DC LHS_Flyer-1




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The unified herd: An Inauguration story (with video!)

Inaug photo by Rhea2

A crowd of Inauguration-goers waits to get into the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station. Photo by Rhea.

President Obama’s second public inauguration this week sparkled with great musical talent and a glinting promise in the president’s address to the nation.

Or so they tell me.

I failed to see any of it live, instead traipsing around the perimeters of a sealed off National Mall with a couple of friends. Eventually, we gave up and headed home.

In the spirit of taking a break from my eat-in posts, I’m going to tell you a story of what I did see that day (and show you in a video if you keep reading).

As I joined the crowd outside one of the jammed Metro stations following my surrender, I encountered two ad hoc entrepreneurs.

“Get your Obama hats!” One of them called. “Only five dollars!”

“Hand warmers!” Said another. “Just two dollars!”

The difference between these guys and the hawkers of oversized buttons or fragrant soft pretzels in the streets was that the former had a captive audience.  Up and down the staircase to our left, their patter tumbled over the would-be Metro riders and sometimes turned into a conversation. Continue reading


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Final winner spotlight: “The Farmer”

Finally, in this series of kids’ poetry, I’ve posted Sophia Diggs-Galligan’s “The Farmer.” You can find her poem and a video of the writer’s delivery (and impressive composure given what was going on) over at the DC State Fair.

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The next winner spotlight: “In My Garden”

Next in the procession of kids’ poetry, I’ve posted Rachel Epstein-Shuman’s “In My Garden.” Catch both her poem and a video of the writer’s delivery over at the DC State Fair.

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Kids’ Poetry Contest spotlight: “Everybody Knows About Carrots”

Baby Organic Carrots from Garden 10-6-09IMG_6718
This year, I had the pleasure of launching the DC State Fair Kids’ Poetry Contest. With help from the organization Kid Power DC,  submissions rolled in from pint-sized poets living all over the District. I just posted the poem “Everybody Knows About Carrots,” the first in a series of spotlights, on the DC State Fair website. It took second place in the 4th and 5th grade category. Check it out and I think you’ll see why it’s a winner.


 Photo by Flickr user Steven Depolo

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Videofreex event rescheduled

Portapak, cam & TV drawing-original

The Videofreex and the School of Visual Arts have rescheduled the event We’re All Videofreex, to take place at SVA in Manhattan on April 3 5, 2013. The original event was scheduled for November 1, a.k.a. the fresh aftermath of superstorm Sandy.

Immediately after the cancellation, the group regrouped, figured out this new date, and witnessed (some first hand) the opening of an exhibit about Videofreex contemporary Nam June Paik. I look forward to being there to take part in this evening and connect with my late pop’s video-and-pirate-TV collective.

Read all about it.


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