A day at the DC State Fair


Pies waiting to be judged at the DC State Fair. By Rhea.

This past Saturday, I went to the DC State Fair. As one of the organizers. I have never had a hand in such a big, frenetic event. I now have greater respect for:

  • Festival and fair organizers
  • Conference organizers
  • Rally, demonstration, and march organizers
  • My first-year students

First-year students? Yes. I had been baffled by their confusion as I taught classes this semester, but now I understand that combination of prismed attention and heart-pounding possibility in which they swim. That feeling like a bakery rack so full of goodies it threatens to tip over.

It was a day to run in all directions at once, to socialize with more friends in six hours than I’ve been able to meet up with in months, and to feel thrilling things abuzz. In short, it was a day at the fair. From inside the fair.

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