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Cooking up summer abundance

Smooth, sun-kissed summer squash. Crispy cucumbers. Billowy leaves of rainbow Swiss chard. Sure, they sound lovely, but have you tried dealing with 10 or 20 pounds of them every week–in a household of one?

Figuring out what to do with all of this takes a huge bite out of my daily spark of creativity–creativity I would like to apply now and then to other pursuits, such as writing. And to my day job that, you know, is going to pay the bills come fall.

Here is the latest innovation I use to trudge through the tide of veggies (recipe and more ideas after the jump): Continue reading

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Photo for the Day: True Leaves


My zucchini seedlings came into their own this week. From between the generic cotyledon lobes that feed the plant before it takes energy from the sun, they unfurled their true leaves. Spikey, spunky, furred. The original solar panels.

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