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So you want to write? Really?? Okay…

Anyone Lived in Pretty How Bathtub

Many people tell me they want to write, that they would find the life of a writer exhilarating. I squint at each one of these people, imagining him or her hunched over a keyboard late at night, a clump of mussed hair in one hand and a flat beer in the other. Then I smile and say, “That’s great! You should do it!”

Maybe these aspiring writers sense my disbelief, because once I say this, they often offer excuses and admissions of insecurity. Concerns about time, talent, inspiration, and financial feasibility roll out. I’m not surprised, because I have had those concerns, too. I try to stay encouraging.  Writing is not all that hard, I try to tell them (and myself). It just takes facing a few blocks, I say.

I would like to take a look a few of these obstacles to writing in this blog. Continue reading

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