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Image for the Day: Swiss balloons in a small world


More than a year has passed since I last handed over a slim blue book and held my breath.

Will it somehow have expired?

Will he question me about a stamp from China, Israel, East Africa?

So far, no rejections based on my passport, nor cargo I plan to haul across international borders. I hope my record holds for my next trip in August.

As I rev up to dust off those pages, I present a view from last May’s trip to Geneva. I had spent a week in boisterous company, feasting on fondue and rosti, throwing back at least one beer for each article I copy edited. This balloon art hovered over the ground floor of a Swiss mall that I visited on my last night in the country. I ate mediocre Mexican food by myself and drank sangria from a glass rimmed with pink sugar.

I didn’t realize until today how much this scene looks like a model.

Photo by Rhea

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