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Why “Image for the Day”?


For the past 17 days, I have posted a series of photos marked “Image for the Day.” Why? I can’t tell you for sure. It seemed like a good idea on May 1. Perhaps it is because this felt familiar. I have worked for a daily bulletin that published a “Photo of the Day.” I have also experimented with daily 15-minute writing bursts, both publicly on my former food blog and for my personal files that no one will ever, ever see.

Or maybe I wanted to follow this concept because I can’t always think of something profound to write, or do not always have the time to write it out, edit, revise, toss, rewrite, and all of the other steps that fill a writer’s hours on the path to a polished and published story.

This daily photo project probably appealed most, though, because it brings to digital and visual life a practice I have followed for many years. Since I was a teenager, I have carried an image journal–a pad of paper where I jot snapshots of thought. I document a poignant moment, envision poems, or scribble a shopping list. The huge majority of thoughts on these pages go no further than my notebooks, pictured above. Only a few come to light.

I do know that sharing here has helped. Thank you for taking in these moments.

Photo by Rhea

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