Welcome to my portfolio. I’m Rhea Kennedy. Below, you’ll find five writing samples, including samples of online writing, Web design and content, and public relations writing. If you’re interested in seeing more, go to the top of this screen to the “Writing Clips” tab and click there. If you’d like to view my Twitter feed, you can find it in the column to your right. Or you can visit me on Twitter, where my handle is @RheaYKennedy. Thank you for reading!

NOTE: I’ve also included related material below each official portfolio piece.

Karaite matzah -croppedFeature article: Passover, with a Strictly Biblical Flavor

Online chat: Free Range on Food live chat

Published in The Washington Post  and at WashingtonPost.com

My feature article on Passover foods appeared in the online and print editions of The Post in April 2014. The feature consists of a 1,300-word reported story and four recipes. The Free Range on Food chat showcases a different kind of writing. As you can see from the archive, I was among a group of writers and editors giving on-the-spot answers to reader queries.

Other work from The Post: Losing the Tourists on Tourist-Mobbed Santorini


Strawberries and rhubarbOnline column: D.C. Farmers Markets

Published on Examiner.com

Between 2009 and 2010, I wrote close to 100 online posts as a reporter/columnist for Examiner.com. My beat was farmers markets in the Washington, D.C. area. Similar to Patch.com and About.com, this site taps local journalists to write on their topic as often as they wish, and pays by the page view. I successfully drew hundreds of readers to my content using well-reported stories, SEO, related links, timely articles, and social media. The overall design of the site (including, unfortunately, the many ads you’ll see) was the responsibility of Examiner.com.

Selected articles from the column:


crossroads logo

Logo used with permission from CCFN.

Press Release: Farmers Markets Team Up  (PDF)

This is a press release I wrote for the executive director of the Crossroads Community Food Network, a Washington-area nonprofit organization. It was distributed to regional and national media contacts in April 2014. I often write or design materials for Crossroads as part of my work on the board of directors.

Related: An original flyer designed for Crossroads Community Food Network (PDF) 


Portapak, cam & TV -cropped

Original drawing by Ann Woodward.

Original Web site:Videofreex.com

The Videofreex are a partnership of video makers who documented dramatic changes in American society in the 1960s and ’70s. As a member of the partnership and a volunteer media consultant, I created the group’s official website. I keep it up to date with blog posts and event announcements. The majority of the blog content (on the front page as “Recent Posts”)  is my own work. For other parts of the site, I edited and posted others’ writing, images, and video.

Related: RheaKennedy.com, the site you’re on right now. Feel free to look around. Everything you see is my work.



Animated GIF by Dave Johnston – http://ideaspot.net/world/index.html.

PR news writing: Through Unity, We Find Strength

Published on Inside Gallaudet

In August 2010, I followed a group of Gallaudet University alumni on a volunteer trip to Haiti. The trip and subsequent writing project were part of my position as a writer/photographer for the university’s Office of Public Relations and Communications. This is one article in a five-part series, which appeared on the news site for Gallaudet. The photos are also my work. The title comes from Haiti’s coat of arms, which declares, “l’union fait la force.”

Links to other parts in the series are available in the article.

RK-Nov. 2013Thank you for your time. Feel free to email me with any comments or questions.


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