Eating in for 31 days in ’13

Pots on the Stove

Photo by Flickr user bencarr

When the clock strikes 2013, I will embark on a month of eating in. No sit-down restaurants, no takeout, no Starbucks. I figured it’s time. I’ve worked to demystify home cooking. I’ve relied on my own for a solid week. And now I’m bound for an adjunct faculty budget, where every scrap of savings counts.

Others have eaten in for more than two years straight–in New York City. I figure I can manage it for 31 days in D.C.

Stay tuned for more (you can even subscribe over there on the right), and happy New Year!


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2 responses to “Eating in for 31 days in ’13

  1. Granted starbucks is more expensive than eating out – but are you including all takeout coffee?

  2. Only coffee I made myself – that’s my plan!

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